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At Agro Feed Ukraine, we your need for internal branding. That is why go the extra mile ensuring that our materials compatible with your organisation. While offering a variety customised packaging options that in line with your needs.


Our promise for quality not just limited internally Agro Feed Ukraine. Every year, conduct a thorough evaluation audit on our network suppliers to ensure the and continuous delivery of materials and products.


Agro Feed Ukraine is in with a variety of freight forwarders, enabling us provide our customers with most competitive shipping rates, _ range, and flexibility in liner selection, while adhering our customers’ choice of modes.

Our main products

Pinus timber

Pine timber Country of shipment : Ukraine Scientific Name: Pinus Sylvestris Sizes: Thickness: 16-200mm ; Width: 40-300mm Length: 100-6000mm Grades: 1st, 2nd-3rd mix


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Hardwood charcoal

charcoal Species : Ash, Oak, Maple, Cherry ETC Hardwood charcoal Description : Packing in plastic or paper bags for 2; 2,5; 3; 5; 10, 14 kg. The bags can be with your brand, design, and in any language.


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RUF Wood briquettes

Oder Wooden briquettes RUF type have the shape of a parallelepiped (a brick). They are made by pressing at high pressure. Ash content 0,5% Moisture 10% Sulfur 0,04% Density 1,1 kg/m3 Net calorific value 17,76 MJ/kg Gross calorific value 19,15 MJ/kg


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